100% Natural Pain Cream (New Formulation)

100% Natural Pain Cream (New Formulation)

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This potent formulation of pain cream is made with herbs, resins and oils that dramatically decrease inflammation and increase blood flow to get rid of pain. The turmeric and ginger essential oils used in this formulation are obtained by the method of CO2 extraction from freshly ground turmeric and ginger roots.

Frankincense resins is made of gum, boswellic acids and essential oils. Boswellic acid is one of the most healing natural ingredients with exceptional anti inflammatory properties and that is why we use home made boswellic acids and essential oils of frankincense in this formulation.

ingredients: organic castor oil, emu oil, organic borage oil, organic coconut oil, organic unrefined shea butter, organic olive oil, raw beeswax, organic ginger essential oil (CO2 extract), organic turmeric oil (CO2 extract), rosemary essential oil, frankincense essential oil, boswellic acids, THCA, CBD, camphor essential oil, clove essential oil

directions: apply a small amount to affected area as needed.

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