Borage Gynostemma Psoriasis Cream

Borage Gynostemma Psoriasis Cream

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Heal your dry inflamed skin with blend of emu, borage, avocado and grape seed oils high in linolenic and linoleic acids that reduce inflammation naturally.  This formulation contains organic gynostemma green tea which has been found to increase superoxide dismutase (SOD) a powerful endogenous cellular antioxidant.  The turmeric oil used in this formulation is made from scratch in house by the method of CO2 extraction from freshly ground turmeric roots. This method of preparation insures us the absolute best quality turmeric oil rich in curcuminoid.

Frankincense resins is made of gum, boswellic acids and essential oils. Boswellic acid is one of the most healing natural ingredients with exceptional anti inflammatory properties and that is why we use boswellic acids and essential oils of frankincense in this formulation.

Ingredients: AEA certified emu oil, organic grape seed oil, organic borage oil, avocado oil, raw beeswax, organic gynostemma green tea, turmeric oil (CO2 extract), frankincense resin, organic clove essential oil

Directions: Apply as needed to affected areas of the skin.

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