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Natures Quality

At CT Organics, our products are scientifically crafted for you using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to promote healthy, supple, beautiful skin. Our expertly designed skincare line is rich in plant, fruit, seed and vegetable extracts, and nourishing sea algae. Our founder and chemist, Dr. Sepideh Yaghmaei, started CT organics to help with her husband’s severe psoriasis. After she observed how natural ingredients were as effective, or even better than prescription corticosteroids for her husband's psoriasis, she decided to use her expertise and develop a natural, safe, and affordable skincare line for the whole family. 


All Natural


At CT Organics we want you to know exactly what ingredients are in your skincare products.  We carefully select our ingredients to make sure they are as unrefined and unprocessed as possible.  We extract our own essential oils with the method of CO2 extraction without any heat to obtain the most pure essential oils that are abundant in terpenes and pinens.  We obtain our raw beeswax from the Bennet Honey Farm near our store. Click below to view a short description of our ingredients.

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Our products contain highest quality natural ingredients, minimum amount of fillers, and are 100% free of colorant and phthalate fragrance.  Made fresh every month, our products can be delivered straight to your door. Our products are never tested on animals just on humans.